HARVESTMAN: Neurosis Frontman Steve Von Till’s Exploratory Project Returns With Music For Megaliths

Neurot Recordings presents the fourth full-length recorded document from HARVESTMAN – one of Neurosis vocalist/guitarist Steve Von Till’s solo ventures – with the impending release of Music For Megaliths.

As with prior HARVESTMAN and other solo releases by Steve Von Till, Music For Megaliths sees the artist handling a wide array of instruments and approaches, including vocals, electric and acoustic guitars, bass, synthesizers, hurdy gurdy, effects, and more, fully performed, recorded, and mixed at his own The Crow’s Nest studio in Northern Idaho. Neurosis’ Jason Roeder also provides drums to the album’s fifth track, “Levitation.” The seven sonically and mentally expansive tracks were mastered by James Plotkin, and the album completed with artwork by Thomas Hooper.

Confirming the album for release on May 19th 2017, Neurot has unveiled the artwork, track listing, and more for the exploratory new album, with audio samples and more to be released in the coming weeks.

Listen to 'The Forest is our Temple'.

Preorders now online!

The preorders for 'A Life Unto Itself' are online. Get your copy now!

Steve Von Till Reveals Details of an Astonishing New Solo Album, 'A Life Unto Itself,'

A Life Unto Itself

The title doesn't quite say it all, but it says some of it: A Life Unto Itself is as much the name of Steve Von Till's fourth solo album as it is the perfect description for the 25-plus years he's spent forging, with his brothers, the incomparable musical force that is Neurosis—not to mention the numerous sonic tapestries he's woven with Tribes Of Neurot and under his alter ego Harvestman. You can hear that rich musical history, and all the life experience that goes with it, on his new solo album A Life Unto Itself – and this album goes deeper still.

Steve Von Till 2015

Where Steve Von Till's previous solo recordings took on a more traditional approach with a respectful nod toward American and European folk music, A Life Unto Itself expands and ventures into compelling uncharted territory for its maker. Steve Von Till's weathered, distinctive voice and sparse acoustic guitar provides a foundation, but a much wider variety of sonic textures are presented here. Bold and ambitious arrangements weave vintage synth, sublime strings, percussion, and electric guitars in and out of these unique and expansive songs as Steve Von Till's raspy whisper dives deeply inward and speaks genuinely of visions, memories, and self-reflection in a way that feels both seasoned and exposed.

A Life Unto Itself is a powerful and evocative collection of beautiful Celtic balladry, haunting folk songs, dark psychedelia and expansive Americana, transporting one to the very heart and soul of its creator. If you allow yourself to fully submit to it, abandoning all preconceptions, the rewards can be magnificent.

1. In Your Wings
2. A Life Unto Itself
3. A Language Of Blood
4. Night Of The Moon
5. Birch Bark Box
6. Chasing Ghosts
7. Known But Not Named

A Life Unto Itself will be available May 12th in the US (11th May UK/EU and 8st May in Germany).

STEVE VON TILL: Seminal Debut Solo Album Makes Maiden Vinyl Appearance

After resurrecting As The Crow Flies — the seminal debut solo outing from Neurosis’STEVE VON TILL, initially released in 2000, and brought back into print on CD in May of this year — Neurot Recordings is proud to also release the first-ever vinyl edition of the album.

What was the first non-Neurosis recording to see release as part of the Neurot family, this year’s reissue of As The Crow Flies has been unveiled precisely thirteen years after its initial release. Bearing a vast contrast to Neurosis’ massive, plodding riffing and percussion, the album instead feels more like a mental excursion into the outer realms of consciousness; an ambient, eclectic, organic and overall honest harvest from the mind of its creator. Bearing slightly updated artwork and packaging like the CD version, VON TILL’s maiden solo release will now see a proper vinyl pressing, available on deluxe 180-gram wax, in a pressing limited to 500 pieces direct through Neurot only. Both versions are available here.

The album is streaming in its entirety at Decibel Magazine joined by some insight on the inception and lifespan of the LP’s seven songs by their creator. Listen to all of As The Crow Flies and more right here.

STEVE VON TILL, SCOTT KELLY & WINO: Songs of Townes Van Zandt

CD and LP available now from the Neurot Recordings Store.

STEVE VON TILL, SCOTT KELLY & WINO Confirm Townes Van Zandt Tribute;
Album To See US Release Via Neurot In June


This June Neurot Recordings will issue a special three-way split CD in tribute to late American folk music hero Townes Van Zandt, bearing contributions from SCOTT KELLY (Neurosis, Shrinebuilder, Tribes of Neurot, solo artist, etc.), STEVE VON TILL (Neurosis, Tribes of Neurot, Harvestman, solo artist, etc.) and SCOTT “WINO” WEINRICH (Saint Vitus, The Obsessed, The Hidden Hand, Shrinebuilder, solo artist, etc.).
After having performed material by Van Zandt solo and through various collaborations on stage over recent years, on solo releases and on random live collaborations, the aptly entitled Songs of Townes Van Zandt brings several songs each from KELLY, VON TILL and WEINRICH together in praise of his deep musical influence on them all. Through a personal contact of the artists, newly-formed label My Proud Mountain was founded specially in order to release this tribute, with Neurot Recordings handling the North American release of the album on June 12th.

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