Steve Von Till - A Grave Is a Grim Horse


01. A Grave Is a Grim Horse
02. Clothes of Sand
03. Acre
04. Willow Tree
05. Valley of the Moon
06. Spider Song
07. Looking for Dry Land
08. Western Son
09. Brigit's Cross
10. Promises
11. Gravity

Perhaps the history of the song is innate within us. At least that's what we might glean from Steve Von Till's third Neurot Recordings solo outing A Grave Is A Grim Horse. Intertwined with interpretations of songs by Nick Drake, Townes Van Zant, Mickey Newberry and Lyle Lovett, Von Till's powerful yet subtly graceful originals merge with a lexicon that manifests as something beyond signature, something beyond the concept of persona that popular culture has repeatedly sold us over the past 50 years.

© NR 055 - 2008

Steve Von Till - If I Should Fall to the Field

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01. Breathe
02. To The Field
03. My Work Is Done
04. Hallowed Ground
05. This River
06. Running Dry
07. The Wild Hunt
08. Am I Born To Die
09. Dawn
10. The Harpy

If I Should Fall to the Field is filled with urgent melodies and majestic crescendos of chiming guitars, cymbal crashes and distant vocal harmonies that lull behind Von Till's thick, weathered voice. Throughout, the song-writer's somber vocals are recorded with such breathy intensity it sounds as though each lyric were a whisper for only one listener to hear. He has clearly found the same powerful subtlety harnessed by Michael Gira, Mark Lanegan and Jeffrey Lee Pierce.

© NR 020 - 2002

Steve Von Till - As the Crow Flies

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01. Stained Glass
02. We All Fall
03. Remember
04. Warning Of A Storm
05. Twice Born
06. Midheaven
07. Shadows In Stone

As the Crow Flies is the bittersweet solo debut from Neurosis guitarist/singer, and Tribes of Neurot sound artist Steve Von Till. Reveling in an eminently beautiful and sad place, these dark and minimal acoustic songs extend upon the trance states induced by his other projects. Von Till now allows us a deeply personal and poetic insight into his own particular demonology of desire and dread.

© NR 006 - 2000


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